Karizma Construction Industry & Trade, Ltd. Company “Builds the Life” was created in 1993 in Istanbul, Turkey with successfully developed and implemented large scale construction projects. During these sixteen years, Karizma Construction Company’s commitment to professionalism has brought the firm work with the Turkish Government, Ministries, local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private companies throughout Turkey; with each project completed Karizma is proud to meet its vision of serving the community.

KARIZMA -T.E.A.M. (Talented, Experienced in AFGHAN, Management)

K-Team – Afghanistan: In 2002, Karizma Construction then launched large scale development and construction projects in Afghanistan and to date has completed well over $100 million in USD of project work -- on time, on budget. Karizma is proud to have delivered the highest quality of construction standards on schools, hospitals, embassies, universities, airbases, Kabul airport, government headquarters, fire stations, hotels, trade centers, and deep well drilling.

K-Team – Commitment to Quality: Karizma is recognized as the top construction company in Afghanistan based on its experience, safe and secure job sites, and high quality construction. Karizma’s team of supervisors, managers and key professionals have worked in post-conflict environments and are able to contribute the best western management practices under challenging conditions. K-team’s local staffing policy is to select skilled professional and technical teams and unskilled workers on the basis of their working knowledge of the AFGHAN market, their ability to implement project activities in accordance with international construction and engineering industry compliance standards.

K-Team – Multi-disciplined Experienced Professionals: Karizma is a multi-disciplinary firm whose highly experienced and certified professional and technical staff offers comprehensive solutions that combine insight and innovation with the knowledge gained over 47 continuous and successful years in the construction industry.

Karizma focuses on solving the engineering, planning and environmental challenges faced by its diverse client base, providing project management services, water and geological surveying/soil tests, architectural design, engineering (earthquake, site explorations, geophysical, geotechnical and environmental), urban development and planning, electrical, structural and mechanical inspections and surveys, and deep-well injection/drilling water wells.

K-Team – Teaming Arrangements: Karizma has several partnership arrangements which help extend our experienced team of professionals to reach into key provinces throughout Afghanistan. Currently Karizma is several large projects in Kabul, and Panzir and has completed work at the Kabul International Airport, Phoenix Camp and Bagram Base and many other government facilities and structures.

K-Team Key Process and Systems Inspections Self Inspection System (SIS): for management of quality work and performance based on set criteria, identification of process candidates, training, observation, recognition and continued on-going monitoring.

K-Team – Quality Control and Security Management Plan: Karizma is proud of Quality Control Security Management and Safety Plan. Karizma has one of the most comprehensive plans in AFGHAN, and is proud of its community to the country and its people.

K-Team implements and monitors stringent QC and SOPS, which meet or exceed standard International Business Code practices. Karizma’s project management and supervisory team members are experienced with the applicable in directing programming level functions, QC, health and safety, cost and schedule controls, procurement, contract administration, regulatory compliance, preparation of and management of deliverables, supervising and ensuring the safety and WC of all project activities, ensuring team performance, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness, timeliness and overall customer satisfaction.

Recent Recognition: In June 2009, a UNOPS project manager stopped by a key commercial site under development in Kabul and said it was, "the best concrete work" he has seen in Afghanistan in the five years he has been in country. In July 2009, Karizma will be recognized by CH2M Hill for it’s excellent concrete work in Afghanistan.

Karizma is well-versed in international codes, national construction standards, regulations and procedures required for working in the military, quasi-military, government facilities that are applicable to the use of materials, and equipment, and has a comprehensive Safety Equipment Inventory second to none. Karizma’s design, construction and installation phases of each project are carefully reviewed prior to initiation to ensure governmental compliance in all areas of work. We pride ourselves in developing and training the future leaders and workers of AFGHAN.


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